Bezzera Mitica Top MN & Compak K3 Touch Advanced



Bezzera Mitica Top MN & Compak K3 Touch Advanced

Bezzera Mitica Top MN

It is an high quality product built with Professional technology components, combined with a classic design like lever group E61 style, that allow to serve delicious coffee and cappuccinos in few seconds.

Body in stainless steel AISI 304 polish, group heated by the classic thermosiphonic system, copper boiler with internal heating exchanger that allow to produce coffee and steam at the same time.

It works with rotary and manual lever group, pulling the lever up the pump is activated and the coffee brewing starts, when the desired quantity of coffee in the cup is reached, pulling down the lever the coffee brewing is stopped.

The group is heated through the heating exchanger water by the traditional thermosiphonic heating system.

  • Electric heating
  • Automatic boiler water supply – the machine can be also connected to the main water supply
  • Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler
  • Rotary Pump

Compak K3 Touch Advanced

Powerful motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee thanks to the cold grinding at low revolutions. Ensures accurate particle size for Espresso and spectacular productivity.

Optimal precision is guaranteed with this intuitive control system. Perfect fit for the most common portafilter sizes, which also allows for hands-free usage.

  • Precise micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • 1 or 2 On-Demand ground coffees
  • Automatic or Manual operating mode
  • Portafilter rest system
  • Precise dosing
  • Timer (Analogic switch)

Bezzera Mitica TOP MN

Boiler 2 Lt
Tank 4 Lt
Width 320 cm
Depth 450 cm
Height 400 cm
Weight 25,5 Kg
Power Supply 220 – 240 / 50-60
Resistance 1350 – 1250 – 1450

Compak K3 Touch Advanced

Ø Burrs 58 mm
Production 50Hz 3,7 Kg/h
Production 60Hz 4,3 Kg/h
Time per dose 50Hz (7 gr) 6,8 Seconds
Time per dose 60Hz (7 gr) 5,8 Seconds
Hopper capacity 800 gr
Mini Hopper capacity 275 gr
Net weight 6,1 Kg
Height Width Depth 495-170-365 mm
Working cycle 2 min – 10 min
Sonority level 74,8 dB




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